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IACA P.O. Box 204716, Martinez, GA 30907-4716
Non-Profit Organization
About US
The Indo-American Cultural Association of Augusta, Georgia is a non-profit
organization with the objective to provide a forum to integrate the CSRA
Indo-American Community with the local community at large through
social, cultural, educational, and charitable  activities.
Since 1993 the association is hosting “India Day”, which is a celebration of
the Indian Arts & Crafts, Cuisine and a blending of both Indian and
American Cultures.  This year India Day will be celebrated as well at the
Maxwell Performing Arts Theatre, of Augusta State University, in beautiful
Augusta, GA, and we hope to see all of you there to make it a huge success
as in previous years.

India Day has become a community event of Augusta. Admission to this event
is free. The funds are raised from the local businesses and the community
through charitable donations and sponsorships.  Funds raised are always
donated back to the community.  In the past, funds have been donated to
Augusta State University for the Literary Program, Shelter for Abused
Children and the Shelter for Abused Women. This year also the board did
the same and also sponsored a FREE health fair for the community.
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